Gridman Universe
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Gridman Universe


Once upon a time, this world was created and destroyed by a single girl. The ones who saved the girl's heart were Hyper Agent Gridman, who appeared from another dimension, a monster with a heart created by the girl, and high school student Yuta Hibiki. Yuta, who has advanced to the second year of high school, decides to confess to Rikka, who is in a different class. However, their peaceful daily lives are shattered by the sudden appearance of a monster...

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Released 2 September 2023

by distance
  • SF Cinema City - MBK Center
    เอส เอฟ ซีเนม่า ซิตี้ - เอ็มบีเค เซ็นเตอร์

  • Major Rangsit
    เมเจอร์ฯ รังสิต

    Theatre 8 | Original Language (Thai subtitles)

    Theatre 8 | Thai (no subtitles)

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