Getting accurate movie showtimes shouldn’t be that hard

Burdened by their corporate responsibility to advertise gigantic plastic popcorn buckets, Thai theatre websites are full of ads, slow and not very usable on mobile devices. As a stopgap, some theatre operators offer a mobile app, which is fine if you exclusively go to their branches.

If you want to know what’s showing near you without being tied to a specific theatre or chain, or care about independent movies and film festivals, you have to jump between mobile apps, facebook pages and poor websites. An exercice in frustration, especially when you’re on the go.

Showtimes in one place

Movie showtimes are updated multiple times daily from the official theatre websites and ShowtimesTH.

We also include showtimes for film festivals and smaller independent cinemas which may not have an official website.

Also showing

While we strive to cover as many venues as possible, some can't be followed reliably as their website structure can't be parsed automatically or they post their programmes as a picture on facebook.

Here are boutique venues offering an alternative to blockbusters:

If you know of another venue screening movies in Bangkok that is not in our list, or if you would like to add your cinema to Cinematic, get in touch!

Film Festivals & Special Screenings

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Thai Cinema

There is more to Thai cinema than slapstick and horror. Do not miss Thai Worldview's Thai cinema (includes a database of Thai movies, actors, actresses, directors and film history), Film Club Thailand, Wise Kwai's Thai Film Journal (sadly no longer updated), Top 10 Thai films to see, FilmDoo (watch Thai movies online), The South East Asia Movie Theater Project and Raremeat's Thai movie reviews (in Thai).


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Some showtimes are provided by ShowtimesTH

There's more

We're starting a series of timelines about legendary movie franchises with the most famous British Agent of all, James Bond on The Bond Project.

We've also created a retelling of Ridley Scott's 'Alien', the 1979 scifi horror classic.


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